The quality of the IPTV experience depends on the service provider. Guarantee that your subscribers will receive the high quality entertainment and communications services they demand by deploying the Vector Data™ Velocity Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our technology provides the global infrastructure to deliver secure, reliable, and quality content to your valued consumers.

The Velocity CDN solution for IPTV integrates intelligent software and hardware that allows you to deliver next-generation media services to your subscribers. With Vector Data you own a dedicated, custom network to ensure the high performance of your services. We design, deploy and implement solutions specific to your IPTV needs.

Velocity Technology

Velocity is a complete content distribution system for the caching, delivery, storage and archiving of digital assets. The system can be deployed on both internet and private networks, has proven reliability and scalability, and can withstand major network and site outages. Velocity intelligently caches content in proximity to subscribers, utilizing both “push” and “pull” distribution methods.

Velocity Sites

Velocity Core – Centers of content distribution. All active assets are stored and served from these central sites.
Velocity Metro – Regional sites for distribution in dense subscriber areas.
Velocity Perimeter – Sites at the network edge, closest to subscribers.
Velocity Archive – Library of all assets, active and inactive, for long-term storage and disaster recovery.

PacketWarp Map

Velocity NEBS

Velocity NEBS is a NEBS Level 3 Certified, DC powered system with the same features as the standard Velocity system.

Please contact to learn more about the Velocity or Velocity NEBS solution for IPTV.