Internet of Things

Today's advances in cloud and sensor technologies enable companies to connect their products to the internet using embedded computing devices and microelectromechanical systems. Vector Data has long history of providing enterprise customers with reliable data storage and Big Data infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions let device manufacturers across a diverse range of industries focus on building their core products.

  Vault Edge Series Datasheet

Telecom and Mobile

Machine to Machine (M2M) communication

Global provisioning

Mobile Application Platforms


Assets tracking for loss prevention

Eliminate out-of-stock situations

Customer buying habit insight

Fleet optimization for fuel use reduction and faster delivery times

Temperature stability

Medical and Healthcare

Remote monitoring

Preventive care

Clinical care

Security and Safety

Surveillance and monitoring analytics

Smart home applications

Emergency and traffic detection

Energy and Utilities

Smart power and water meters

Real-time distribution management

Maintenance and repair alerts

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