Server Products

Vault RF-Series

Designed for extended temperature environments, Vault RF-Series systems include liquid-vapor (heatpipe) copper vacuum tubes which efficiently manage heat dissipation. This rugged mechanical structure also provides vibration resistance. In place of fans, the enclosure features large, open honeycomb vents to allow for natural convection cooling. One or more honeycomb heat dissipating vents can be installed around a circuit board or power supply, dissipating heat quickly without occupying a large amount space.

Features of the Vault RF-Series Include:
  Rugged, fanless design with passive cooling
  High altitude and extreme temperature environment compliant
  AC and DC power options
  Perfect for NFV and SDN: Supports VMware®, OpenStack, and other leading virtualization platforms
  NEBS Level 3 and ETSI compliant
  Optional MIL-STD-810G and EN50155 compliance tested systems available
  CE and FCC certified

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