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The NEBS and ETSI compliant SX1710 SDN switch is ideally suited as a top-of-rack access switch providing up to 56GbE connectivity to servers and uplinks to the next level of aggregation switching for network function virtualization (NFV) deployments, traditional deployments, and more.

The SX1710 switch has a rich set of networking and application performance features that excel and enable Software Defined Networking in any data center, central office, or rugged deployment, making this switch the perfect solution for your network

The SX1710 carries a unique design that enables users with a straight forward platform for implementation of a Software Defined Network (SDN), allowing the construction of a high scale network with advanced fine tuning control plane capabilities.

6910 Product Highlights:
  Software Defined Networking (SDN) support
  Perfect for Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  Efficiency - Simple configuration (40/56GbE vs. 10GbE)
  Easy Scale - Configure and manage the data center from single location
  Elasticity - Low-latency on any node
  Arranged and Organized Data Center - 40/56GbE high density, 4x less cables, easy deployment, easy maintenance
  Unprecedented Performance - Storage and server applications run faster
  IPv6 Ready, IPv6 IPsec

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