Networking Products

ServerIron ADX Series

The Vector Data ADX Series enables efficient distribution of traffic among application and infrastructure servers using load-balancing methods that monitor server connection load, server resources such as CPU and memory, application response time, and pre-assigned server weights for an optimal application experience.

ServerIron ADX Series Highlights:
  A multitenancy architecture solution that combines the flexibility of virtualization and the performance of purpose-built hardware
  Carrier-grade performance today and tomorrow
  A scalable IPv6 Internet transformation
  Service differentiation with an open application scripting engine
  Application availability and optimized application delivery
  Application security and protection from malicious attacks
  Pay-as-you-grow capacity, performance, and advanced features
  Third-party orchestration and automation integration
  On-demand provisioning in heterogeneous virtual environments
  Optimized network infrastructure acquisition through Network Subscription

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