Networking Products

CacheControl NEBS

The Vector Data™ CacheControl NEBS is the central office edition of its robust caching appliance product line, designed for Telcos to deploy next-generation media services to its subscribers. The CacheControl NEBS is the first NEBS Level 3 Certified caching server appliance of its kind running the CacheControl, a component of Vector Data's Velocity CDN software.

The CacheControl NEBS is purpose-built to serve large volumes of media content for service providers, from a small footprint in the central office. Several CacheControl NEBS appliances may be combined for scalability and redundancy.

Features of the CacheControl NEBS Include:
  Dense, 1U rackmount server
  High performance HTTP accelerator
  Secure remote administration console
  Powerful origin selection rules by host or URL regular expression
  Supports eject (purge) by host or URL regular expression
  SNMP monitoring of system state and cache statistics
  FTP access for cache access logs
   Remote syslog logging

NEBS Compliance

Vector Data's CacheControl NEBS system with DC input is compliant with the NEBS Level 3 criteria and the system with AC input is compliant with NEBS Level 1 criteria from the following NEBS specifications:

  NEBS GR-63-CORE, Issue 3 - Physical Protection
  NEBS GR-1089-CORE, Issue 4 - Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety
  ETSI Standards Compliance (DC Input Only;)

Vector Data's CacheControl NEBS system with DC input is compliant with the following ETSI specifications:

  ETSI EN 300 386 - EMC requirements for Telecom Equip.
  ETS 300-019-2-1 - Storage Tests, Class T1.2
  ETS 300-019-2-2 - Transportation Tests, Class T2.3
  ETS 300-019-2-3 - Operational Tests, Class T3.2
  ETS 753 - Acoustic Noise