Custom & OEM Product Solutions

Vector Data Custom & OEM Products

Vector Data™ specializes in the development of custom products at the request of customers, system integrators and equipment manufacturers. We design and produce solutions for various market verticals including:

  Military & Defense
  Aviation & Aerospace
  Oil & Gas

Vector Data also offers customized OEM versions of existing manufacturers' products to meet the specialized needs of various customers. Among our most popular customized solutions are:

  DC Power Supplies &mps; NEBS Certification
  Ruggedized & MIL-SPEC
  Environmental & Cooling Enhancements
  Power Consumption & Efficiency
  Form Factor Reduction & Modification
  EOL & Legacy Product Reproduction

Vector Data understands the unique needs each customer requires in the data center. The Vector Data family of custom & OEM products includes:

  Data Storage Systems (RAID, SAN, NAS)
  Rackmount & Blade Servers
  Network Devices
  Chassis & Enclosures
  Power Supplies

Vector Data maintains teams of electrical, CAD, mechanical, software & compliance engineers supported by an experienced team of project managers and marketing specialists to bring products to market quickly and affordably. Vector Data has partnered with many product manufacturers to deliver the custom and OEM product solutions that our customer demands.

Through strong partnerships with major certification laboratories, Vector Data delivers proven test and certification results on predictable timelines.

  Download the Custom & OEM Product Solutions Datasheet

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