Content Delivery Networks

Velocity Content Delivery Network

Vector Data™ will design and deploy the Velocity™ Content Delivery Network (CDN) to cache, deliver, store, and archive your digital assets. The Velocity system will enable Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to deliver clients’ content to subscribers at fast speed with high-quality streaming and 100% availability.

Our Velocity system intelligently redirects and caches content to the Perimeters, sites setup closest in proximity to subscribers; thus providing an increased speed of delivery and download, improved stream quality, and managed web traffic. The Velocity system is scalable and will meet the demands of increasing storage, such as streaming videos, images, and mobile applications. Serving as a redundant storage site, the Velocity Vault Archive will ensure that your digital content is backed up and will not be lost in the event of unexpected outages.

Most importantly, our Velocity system will ensure that subscribers will stay on your clients’ websites and achieve an optimal user experience.

Velocity Technology

Velocity System Components

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