Data Storage Products

Vault X-Series

The Vault Vx Series is a hyper-converged platform that complements converged infrastructure systems. These self-contained units of servers and networking are well suited for use cases that require a highly scalable infrastructure. The Vault Vx can incorporate alternate software-defined storage technologies, a choice of hypervisors, and bare-metal workloads. It has a flexible, modular design that meets the scalability, performance, and efficiency requirements of modern data centers.

Perfect for NFV (network function virtualization), the Vault Vx offers full support VMware and other leading virtualization platforms, providing the perfect foundation for SDN and the network of the future.

Vault Vx Series systems are offered with AC and DC power options, and with optional NEBS, ETSI, and MILSTD-810 F/G compliance for telco, millitary, and other rugged deployments, providing network operators with a consistent storage product across their entire infrastructure.

Key Features and Benefits:

  Agility - Integrated compute, network, and storage in a modular system, not discrete hyper-converged units.

  Unparalleled Performance - Experience performance that scales linearly as you expand.

  Scale as you Grow - Start with a minimal number of nodes and rapidly scale to hundreds or thousands of nodes as needed.

  Flexible Configurations - Add compute enclosures with various CPU, memory, and storage options to meet specific application or workload requirements.

  Unified Management - Simplified operations and management through integrated provisioning, configuration, and a unique management toolset.

  Data Protection - Options to integrate EMC Avamar, EMC Data Domain, and EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines.

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