Flash Playout Memory Server

Scalable up to 30 channel inputs/40 channel outputs with 60TB of secure storage.

  Because each server platform is scalable from 1TB to 60TB, servers can expand from small to large.
  Video server design philosophy is based on dedicated “real time -direct - to- air.
  All I/O ports are real time/frame accurate video presets executed from a given time schedule.
  There are no load variations in processing speeds, as seen with Hard Disk Drive computers.

High-speed file transfer at 800Mbps that grows with ever needing requirements and change

  The ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ has 10 IP ports, each with 800Mbps of dedicated bandwidth for non- real - time file transfers. It also offers simultaneous I/O operation with 40ch of frame accurate real time baseband outputs ports.
  Currently scaling at 60TB of flash memory storage.
  ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ can adapt to customer's ever changing work flow, creating an architect that grows as requirements and needs grow.


High reliability

  Solid-state and Maintenace-free recording media
  Using the latest 64Gbit chips sets and high speed 10/1G LAN interface.
  Choose level of redundancy, Flash Memory RAID is also available.
  Re-build speed is about three times faster than HDD.

Multi I/O, High availability

  High resolution media files are one of the most demanding types of network traffic.
  Toshiba's original High Speed File transfer network architecture introduces new effective workflow.
  Up to 30 ×800Mbps ports simultaneously.
  File base transfers can play out even while they are still being ingested.
  Offering High I/O capabilities. With concurrent Input/Output operation, Toshiba Can play 40ch of real time frame accurate outputs all at once.

  Download the ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ Datasheet