Vector Data Mosaic 1100

The Vector Data Mosaic 1100 enables multichannel operators to offer video-rich, next-generation guide channels for any generation of video content on any platform. Powered by Ligos' Mosaic software, the Vector Data Mosaic 1100 is a cost-saving, central office/headend-based enhancement to the existing Interactive Program Guide.

A single Mosaic 1100 replaces a rack full of central office/headend equipment that might otherwise be required to generate a single video rich channel. The Mosaic 1100 solution is compatible with a wide variety of industry EPG middleware solutions including Rovi Corporation's i-Guide, Passport, Microsoft, SARA, MDN 3.0 and EBIF.

Sample Mosaic 1100 Implementation:

Mosaic 1100

Key Highlights:

  Create audience-specific video portals for News, Sports, Children's, Movie and Local programming
  Ideal for key line-up differentiators such as weather and traffic cam channels or "event" television
  Attain new revenues by incorporating interactive advertising, promotions for services such as triple-play, VOD and PPV portals & more
  Integrated Channel Map tool makes set-up a breeze
  Flexible templates and broad support for graphics enable unique look & feel, and custom branding
  XML-based architecture supports integration with other systems, and includes an external utility for scheduling and serving dynamic content, including scheduled ads - make your Mosaic 1100 do more

  Download the Mosaic 1100 Datasheet